FRESH START. My vision

Alex Danylov,  Co-Founder and COO at SavLogix

For those who don’t know me closely, I will say that I have been in the IT business since 1991.

In the decades since 1991, we were faced with changes in technologies, methodologies, and approaches. We adapted our ways accordingly. What we now have as the result is tremendous experience. I am very proud of the many successful projects we’ve carried out, but I value even more the experience of unsuccessful ones in the early days of our company.

Now our team is undergoing a certain re-branding in connection with the opening of a new company in the United States. So, I would like to share our philosophy and why we stand out from our competitors.

Expected Results

Our team is focused on the result. Most competitors sell the process.

Company’s Maturity Level, if they are properly built, (like CMMI4), should help and optimize the work of the team, but the process itself should not be a commodity. Don’t buy the process, buy the expected result.

In most cases, the result is not just a piece of code or a picture, but rather a working solution that performs the task.

We carefully listen to each of our customers – their goals and expectation, and we help them think through the details and areas that were not immediately apparent. We then analyze the problems in detail and come up with the solutions that result in achieving the goals.

Expected deadlines

The deadline is always a budget.

For many years I have been professing the philosophy that time is more expensive than money. Losing deadlines is not only going beyond the budget, but it is also an untimely launch, which is even worse. This can increase the cost of supporting the business and/or disrupt negotiations with the investor.


This is generally a difficult question. We often have to work with startup projects.

A customer who is ready to spend his own money expects to get a finished product, sometimes spending the entire budget on its development. And only then he realizes that creating an application is only 10-15% of the costs for releasing it to the market. We try to persuade our clients to do an MVP first, and then look for an investor or try to market yourself. Ideally, you would carry out the two tasks in parallel. When it becomes obvious that the idea is viable, we continue to develop, producing new releases.

Discovery phase

Oh, how often we get requests to estimate time and budget for a project that is not clear for either side.

In conditions where there are no detailed requirements, architecture, understanding of technologies, we offer this 2-3-week stage, which will then be included in the total cost of the project. The cost of this phase does not increase the budget, but rather reduce it, sometimes significantly.

As a result, the customer receives detailed requirements, application mock-ups, an accurate, not an approximate, estimate of time and budget. We know of several cases when, skipping the discovery phase, the customer went to another company and ended up burning through the budget while not getting a working application.


We have specialists in many technology areas.

And if you don’t have a well-developed architecture and you just want C#, because you like it, then this is your choice. However, would you go to the dentist and advise him what instrument to pick up? By the same token, we ask that you trust us to make the correct recommendation for your tech stack. We understand technology, we understand where it is better to use Python or JS, where security requirements are more important than simplicity and speed of development.

Listen to the opinion of professionals. The final decision is always yours.