Swim with the SHARKS

Alex Danylov,  Co-Founder and COO at SavLogix

I had a chance to get acquainted with the official statistics of the Ukrainian government regarding the IT industry. They expect that in the coming years, the number of IT engineers in Ukraine will exceed 500K.

Maybe so. In any case, our three locations in Ukraine are developing rapidly.

Ukrainian engineers are self-motivated, professional and always look to the future. But 500k?! In Ukraine there are thousands of IT companies, of which 80% work in the American market. And of course there are still competitors in India, Latin America, China, and all of eastern Europe.

I have read many books and learned valuable recommendations such as in Harvey B. Mackay’s book: “Swim with the SHARKS without being eaten alive”. The most valuable lesson for me has been the wisdom about how successful companies shape the values ​​of their company, through the path already traveled and the experience gained.

I was curious and began to conduct a survey among our clients to find out what was the most attractive reason for working with us. My marketers prepared a questionnaire, where they included every reason they could think of on a ten-point scale. It seemed to me that it was already difficult to surprise me with something and the result was predictable. I expected the list to look like this with the most attractive being on top:

However, to my great surprise, at the top of the list was a completely different item:

Yes, this is my inner philosophy. I never thought that this could be our core value. I am grateful to all our partners who noticed this quality in us. One hundred percent of the clients surveyed said YES, they would recommend us to their friends.

Thank you all for the vote of confidence and for taking the time to participate in our survey.

I am certain that we have nothing to fear of swimming among sharks.

Alex Danylov